Purchase of receivables

Tadwil Sp. z o.o. offers the purchase of receivables due to housing cooperatives, housing cooperatives.

The rent debts of owners and tenants towards housing cooperatives and communities are growing every year, many of them are at the limit of their endurance. The pandemic contributed to the overall financial crisis, so tenants' debts are increasing. Many people leave the rent "for later", first of all taking care of utilities - electricity or water, which can be cut off (after all, without the rent paid, the roof over your head remains).

Reminders and requests for payment are useless, debts are growing and the financial situation of cooperatives and communities is getting worse. Renovations and repairs must be done, as well as meet the monthly obligations towards residents and institutions. The "budget gap" is getting bigger and it seems that there is no way to save the deteriorating situation of the cooperative or community. We can help in a simple way - we will buy back the debts.


The company Tadwil deals with both the purchase of receivables secured by a mortgage and receivables in cases in which, even for many years, bailiff enforcement has been conducted.

We offer comprehensive service for all purchases of receivables, including very complicated ones, after submitting the necessary documents:

  • the writ of execution constituting the basis for the asserted claim,
  • the number of the land and mortgage register from which the execution is carried out or on which the mortgage was established.

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