Consumer bankruptcy

Consumer bankruptcy a chance for a debt-free life
Tadwil Sp. z o.o. offers assistance in consumer bankruptcy.

Sudden illness, job loss and thousands of other reasons can suddenly make our liabilities impossible to pay. The debt spiral can tighten, the situation seems hopeless. Then, instead of wringing your hands, you have to act. For many people, a declaration of consumer bankruptcy is a salvation. We help you step by step in carrying out the entire procedure, starting with submitting the application.

Who is this form of debt relief for?

Consumers and persons who run a sole proprietorship may apply for consumer bankruptcy.

What does consumer bankruptcy give you?

Thanks to the declaration of bankruptcy by the court, we safely get rid of debts.

The court decides to redeem liabilities, among others for invoices and bills, mortgage loans, loans and taxes.

We help at every stage
To find out what are the possibilities and how complicated the bankruptcy process is before the debtor, we first need to know his debt history and analyze the documents provided regarding its creation and the client's economic situation. Then we prepare a bankruptcy petition to the court. And this is the moment when most people already feel a significant psychological relief, because finally they have hope for a new and better life without the burden of obligations.
From the moment the application is submitted, a receiver is appointed in the proceedings to secure the debtor's possible assets for the benefit of the liabilities towards the creditors. In order to spare our clients the stress, we take over the contact with the bankruptcy trustee.
We carry out complex procedures until the court declares bankruptcy. We do everything to ensure that each case is completed as quickly as possible and ends with a successful judgment for our client.

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