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Who of us has never dreamed of getting unexpectedly news about an unknown aunt from America who left us a fortune? Inheritance - a word years ago that everyone associated with wealth and prosperity, now - information about it raises many concerns, because apart from the property of a deceased relative, we often get debts, or we are one of many heirs and we know that we have a long-term court battle ahead of us - a game not worth the candle.

Then what? Most often, without thinking, the heirs reach for the simplest solution - judicial renunciation of inheritance. They get rid of problems, but also what they could gain if they turned the matter to us.

What can we do in such a situation? Life shows that things that seem hopeless can be solved.

This was the case with Mr. Michał, who contacted us about his deceased father's apartment. Dad lived with his wife, through whom they had no contact at all, so the son knew little about the financial situation and the inheritance. There was a risk that the stepmother had incurred debts, and according to the law, the apartment that she had shared with her husband was now due to his son in a quarter. We checked the legal status and arranged the formalities, we bought from Mr. Michał this part of the inheritance - a quarter of his father's apartment.

The stories are different, sometimes human fates are very moving, just like the story of Agnieszka, who was abused by her father. She sold us the inheritance of her deceased mother so that we would not have contact with her father. Later, she left the country with her fiancé, never to meet him again.

Family disagreements are often the reasons why the sale of a part of the inheritance saves the tense situation Three quarreling brothers, who received an inheritance from their deceased sister, have not had contact for years, they did not even know where exactly the others lived. One lived in Warsaw, the second in Bielsko Biała, the third in Germany. The property was deteriorating, taxes had to be paid, eventually one of the brothers sold us his share to get rid of the problem.

Real estate inherited

Life writes various scenarios, most often those that we are not ready for. We help in difficult and seemingly hopeless matters, because we know that there are no hopeless situations and that life is only to be enjoyed, problems have to be solved - that's what we are for.

Have you received an inheritance that has become a problem?

We offer you the option of its purchase - in whole or in part. It is a solution that allows you to quickly get cash on matters that may take years. We share information at every stage, both theoretical and practical. We transfer funds from the sale of inheritance expressly, which is a solution that allows you to quickly get cash in cases that may take years. We have an impeccable reputation and we have been operating on the market for many years. Safety and honesty are our priority. Therefore, all procedures and transactions are carried out in full compliance with the law. We share information at every stage, both theoretical and practical. We transfer funds from the sale of the inheritance expressly.

We take care of the entire procedure - from start to finish. We advise you at every stage and explain any doubts or inaccuracies.

The acquisition can be made at various stages of the inheritance case:

  • before conducting an inheritance case,
  • during the inheritance case,
  • after the inheritance case.

"Civil Code" on the sale of the entire inheritance?

Pursuant to the provisions of the "Civil Code" (Art. 1051 et seq.), Each heir has the right to dispose of his inheritance through an inheritance sale agreement. On the basis of such an agreement, we can donate or sell, which is very beneficial for many heirs.
Law on the purchase of a share (part) of the inheritance?

Yes, we also buy not only all but also part of the inheritance. The regulations say that each heir has the right to dispose of his or her entire estate or part of it. Moreover, he does not have to apply for the consent of the other heirs. The sale of shares is made on the basis of an inheritance sale agreement, which is regulated in art. 1051 of the Civil Code. We carry out the entire transaction efficiently and quickly in the least burdensome way.
Where do we buy inheritance?

Our company is based in Warsaw, but we operate throughout the country. We purchase shares in Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin, Białystok, Kraków, Katowice, Łódź, and other cities. Of course, we are not limited to the largest agglomerations only. We buy them in all places in Poland - regardless of the location.

Are you considering selling your estate, all or part of it? Do you want to inquire about the details of the transaction or simply get a quote?

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