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TADWIL Sp. z o.o. we have extensive experience on the Polish market in carrying out the most difficult transactions - selling indebted premises. We work closely with bailiffs, legal offices, debt collection companies and banks. We have already helped many people in solving the most difficult problems related to the quick sale of an apartment.

The situation on the real estate market is becoming more and more difficult, and it is not easy to sell an apartment. The more so when it comes to indebted premises or at risk of bailiff enforcement. Then, instead of wringing your hands, you should consider working with an experienced partner who will help you sell your property quickly. There is no situation without a solution. Every apartment is eligible for our program, regardless of its technical, formal and legal condition.

We don't promise miracles. We operate - quickly and professionally, in accordance with the letter of the law.
Our help consists in the appraisal of the apartment and arranging all formalities related to the sale.

This form of cooperation guarantees the sale of real estate without protracted formalities on good terms, much faster than in the case of selling the apartment on its own or in cooperation with an ordinary broker where the money can be obtained even after several months.

The sale of an apartment as part of our program is a guarantee of avoiding further troubles and additional costs.

We are able to pay out cash for the apartment ourselves, we do not look to external investors.

Cooperation stages:

  • We arrange a viewing of the apartment.
  • Fast and free formal and legal assessment of the real estate.
  • Offer preparation. After approval by the customer, we sign a preliminary sales contract and pay the down payment
  • After providing the originals of the necessary documents, we sign a notarial deed for the sale of the apartment and pay the appropriate amount to the account.

we also buy shares in real estate.

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